Monday, November 8, 2010

Guilty Pleasures.

"Finger Blaster"
- John Huynh

What is wrong with Hollywood? I feel like as time has progressed that there are fewer and fewer truly original stories coming out of Hollywood. Can the summer blockbuster seasons become anymore predictable? Even awards season sees sooo many movies based on books! Curious Case of Benjamin Button? That was a short story. Slumdog Millionaire? That was a book. The Blind Side? A book. Precious? The subtitle blatently tells you it is based on a novel.

Ok, now you might be wondering why I bring this up. I have recently been hearing a lot of whispers, rumors and speculations on some franchise reboots, remakes and sequels that are on the horizon to some pretty piss poor movies. The kinds of movies that are so epically bad that they are actually good. Sometimes these films played up to the worst of our desires in taste for film but they were entertaining nonetheless. I list 5 films below that I would consider guilty pleasures.

5. Independence Day 2 (and maybe 3)
Yay!!! More epic speeches by the "Prez" Bill Pullman that unknowingly but essentially say "fuck you" to the rest of the world.

Yes, this franchise is being considered for a revisit with at least Bill Pullman, Vivica A. Fox and Will Smith making a comeback with Roland Emmerich at the helm once more.

Release Date:
Do not know, do not much care.

4. Top Gun 2
I bet you do not know the real story behind the original Top Gun.
Click here.
Sword fight!

I need to Maverick to rock my world for another 25 years. Tony Scott and Tom Cruise are in collusion to write a new script to make a sequel to one of the most subtley gay portrayals of the Navy in American Pop Culture since the Village People.

Release Date:
2012? But we all might be dead anyways according Roland Emmerich (director of 2012).

3. Red Dawn
Wolverines!!! This time our enemies are the Chinese though instead of the Soviet Union.

MGM is in the midst of going through bankruptcy and is trying to prioritize on salvaging their rights to the James Bond franchise. Red Dawn's distribution has taken a backseat even though it has been fully finished.

Release Date:

2. Superman
Zach Snyder has been on a tear (in my eyes) with adapting comics and graphic novels to the big screen after Watchmen and 300. I can see no wrong that he can do in trying to revive Superman.

Release Date:

1. Tron: Legacy
Even though I consider this a bit of a cowardly move on Disney's part in that they are making a sequel. A lot of the other pieces involving this film really seem intriguing to me. They brought back some of the old actors (Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges) as well as some fresh faces (John Hurt, Garrett Hedlund, Daft Punk and Olivia Wilde) to make for a really interesting plot that I am hoping will feature some more original music. The original if you noticed reuses the same melody but at different tempos. The courageous thing I find in this film is that they gave a man making his directorial debut $170 million!

Release Date:
December 17, 2010

Good night all

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