Tuesday, October 12, 2010


"A guy who makes a new chair doesn't owe money to everyone who ever built a chair."
- Mark Zuckerberg in Social Network (not sure if he really said it or just made up for the movie)

So, I saw the new Social Network film and it really struck me in several ways. The dark genius of Mark Zuckerberg in both an entrepeneurial and computer sense was displayed in all its splendid form that only David Fincher could have portrayed. The appearance of Microsoft's founder in one scene seemed to raise a question in my mind. Were they trying to make a parallel between Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg? Both of whom are former students of Harvard (neither graduated) and went on to develop billion dollar ideas in the computer world under controversial circumstances.

More importantly, I wanted to write this post because of something one of the characters in The Social Network said. I truly believe in the education system wholeheartedly but there are deep distinctions between the top schools (looking at you Ivy Leagues) and the rest of the schools in the nation. He said something to the effect that "Harvard men do not go to school to get a job, they go to school to create one." Something about that self made man is really lost in our country these days. That quote ties into the Waiting for Superman film I mentioned in an earlier post.

It is an election year and I understand the importance of Waiting for Superman as a tool to enact political change. The subject matter of the film could really make an impact in swaying people's voting this November. The whole idea behind the title of Waiting for Superman is in the fact that people are sitting around hoping, praying and waiting for Superman to come along and save us. I personally believe that the education system might bring about another person with the kind of grand vision, enterpeneurial spirit and the will to make another billion idea happen like Facebook or Microsoft. Those are the kind of people that I hope will be able to make it through the horrible state of the education system that the film portrays. Though the film has yet to receive (and probably never will) a wide release date; Paramount is making waves where it matters with their production. President Obama has visited with the children of the film showing that the film is resonating with the people in positions of power. Click here to view the photos.

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