Monday, June 28, 2010

Before the first step

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
- Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu Chinese philosopher (604 BC - 531 BC)

Before a lot of stories there is some sort of prologue correct? This is my prologue for the next several months before I begin a longer and more exciting journey. To spoil what that journey may or may not be the best decision for a lot of reasons. It would be like spoiling the ending to great novel; a great film; a great meal; a great story. Consider these next 5 months a prologue and a promise of something even greater to come.

This prologue began about 4 weeks ago. I am 24 years old and I am still battling with acne. Taking a long look in the mirror one day, I felt like I had lost a lot of my good looks in the past year and decided to make a change. I went to my doctor to get prescribed accutane. To make a boring and long story short; I got it prescribed and I am now on pill #21 out of 180.

What is accutane? It is a very strong and in someways volatile drug. The drug's side effects can range from hair loss to dry skin. My face looks like I have been sleeping on sandpaper but the most important thing is that my acne is finally in retreat. My doctor has also talked to me about the fact that this drug will affect my liver so I should not have more than 1-2 drinks a week.

I am 1 year removed from a state college (party school *cough, cough) and I will not be able to have more than a few drinks here and there until December 5th. Initially, I had my doubts about whether I could commit to such a thing but a good friend Will put like this: "if you cant do it because of the alcohol, it means you [sic] an alcoholic". That was the end of the "should I or shouldn't I?" debate.

Life to say the least will be a little different from my usual outing with friends. Usually I am getting drinks with friends and I like to have a good time but it will be a change from the status quo. I have a few ideas planned for the rest of the time I will be on this medication (i.e. trip to NYC, Bite of Seattle, Capitol Hill Block Party, trying new food, movies, etc.)

I must say it has been an interesting 3 weeks thus far living a much more sober lifestyle. Living near the exciting and beautiful city of Seattle has helped thus far. There is certainly no shortage of things to do in Washington especially in the Puget Sound region. I look forward to these next 159 days and the journey to follow.

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  1. Well Alan as I take a breather for a day before my sister gets into Beijing, I am really happy to hear you are doing well, and that I am featured in your first entry haha. It is funny sometimes what it takes to make you realize all the great things you have around you, sounds like you have got a lot going on. Anyways, look forward to hearing more, but more importantly, look forward to seeing you when I get back soon. Peace brotha

    Love Will